Are Coworking Offices a Thing of The Past? The Perfect Alternative

The Perfect Small Office Option.


The end of 2019 saw the emergence of coworking spaces across the Country and New York’s Capital Region. Many of these spaces emerged in downtown areas where re-imagined vacant spaces and dense clusters of new-age millennial workers converged. Young, motivated entrepreneurs wanted collaborative work spaces with shared offices and common areas to fuel their imagination and productivity. While the jury is still out on what will be the “new normal” for workplaces, there is no doubt that some businesses who were previously operating in coworking spaces will be looking for an alternative.

Some of the questions many in coworking spaces will have to answer are: 
    • How many people will be comfortable sharing a desk with a complete stranger?
    • Will people want to rely upon the hygiene practices of others in their shared office space?
    • How consistent will cleaning practices be to ensure your workspace was disinfected after the previous use?

While much is unknown about the months and years ahead in terms of the office work environment, some things are certain:
    • Employees and clients will want to feel safe in their surroundings
    • Businesses will place a premium on providing their employees and clients with a private, controlled environment
    • People will shun unnecessary interaction with other people to limit the transmission of disease

The Perfect Coworking Space Alternative: Executive Suites


At The Anderson Group, we’re committed to providing a safe work environment in these challenging times to businesses in Albany & Colonie. Our executive suites  & office spaces offer businesses:

  • Enhanced Cleaning Protocols – our in-house housekeeping and maintenance staff will make sure that your business is always safe. 
  • Privacy – Unlike shared/coworking spaces, our executive suites are leased and accessible by only your team. This will create a much more private experience for businesses to operate compared to a shared space.
  • Flexible short-term or long-term leases – with The Anderson Group, our executive suites have a minimum 90-day lease term, but we offer a variety of both short and long-term leases which can be beneficial to various business situations.
  • Security – by having your own lockable office door you’ll have more control and security over your personal space and belongings.
  • Higher productivity – less distractions from other businesses working around you could lead to higher productivity from your team in your own suite.
  • Monthly rent payments – a fixed rent payment per month which typically includes utilities, taxes, maintenance, housekeeping.
  • More control over your surroundings – Compared to shared/coworking spaces, your business will likely have much more ability to control general ambience in your executive suite.
  • Complimentary Space Design – our construction services team can help design a space that provides safe social distancing between employees.
  • Brand your own space – with The Anderson Group’s executive suites you’re able to really put your stamp on the office compared to in a shared space. The ability to have your branding in your office space will provide a very professional environment for clients and your team.

Our team has the expertise and experience to provide your business with the safety and efficiency expected during this new business age. We’re here to help!  Schedule a virtual showing or request a video of any of our available office spaces on Wolf Road & Washington Ave. Ext.


Want more ideas for sprucing up your office space place? Contact Susan Touhey at The Anderson Group for tips and tools to improve your office space design, productivity and efficiency. Call 518-458-7726 or email

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